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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Some say Vespasian cometh, some, his son

I wasn't sure I could think of anything to say this Tisha B'Av, since the world seems to be pretty much a blur of deeply upsetting things I can't do anything about, but I was reading Elf's blog, and followed her entry back to a post I wrote two years ago. In it, I wrote:

As Elf pointed out a while back, the central thrust of the book of Lamentations is the horrible devestation and degradation human beings are capable of inflicting on each other, on entire other civilizations. . . . I can't help but wonder -- if we all knew, or at least tried to know, what everyone else believes and why, would we be less likely to behave that way? Or more likely?

So, yeah. Pretty much.

Oseh Shalom Bim'romav, Hu ya'ase shalom aleinu v'al kol Yisrael v'al kol yoshvei tevel, v'imru: Amen.

May He who makes peace in His realms grant peace to us and to all Israel and to all who dwell upon this earth -- and let us say "Amen".

I wonder if that last part won't ultimately be the hardest. God can do anything, but I'm not so sure about (in the broadest sense) us.


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